What We Do

We don’t just tell our clients’ stories; we are story shapers who cultivate relationships with influencers through relevant and compelling content. We enable companies to establish ongoing ties with their audience, and to communicate in a dynamic media landscape, driving real-time, results-based creative strategies.


Our strategic planning process means we provide organisations with a communications strategy that is relevant in today’s competitive operating environment. We benchmark our communication objectives against business goals and measure them against specific timeframes to ensure effective and targeted delivery.

We take an integrated approach to reputation management, leveraging the powerful role that reputation management and public relations play in the marketing mix.


We hold strong relationships with a broad range of media within Zimbabwe as well as on the continent. We provide a range of media relations solutions for individuals and organisations: drafting spokesperson policies, crafting media releases including op-eds and press releases, drafting briefing notes and Q&As, and providing logistics and support for site visits and interviews.


Our specialised media training solutions for business leaders and spokespeople are designed to meet the demands of the traditional and social media landscape, equipping them with the skills to control their corporate messaging and effectively position themselves and their organisations.


Magna Carta Zimbabwe provides 24/7 monitoring of crisis coverage, enabling us to proactively respond to any opportunities or negative publicity surrounding your brand locally and on the continent. Social media is an important part of any PR strategy or campaign, and we help you build and grow your social media presence on relevant channels, with optimised content that will help you achieve your objectives.



Corporate Communication

Reputation is hard-earned and easily lost. Thanks to social media activism and the 24/7 global news cycle, today’s organisations require insightful strategic counsel to make informed decisions about their reputations. We bring extensive experience with some of the top local and global organisations, to craft measured, transparent and well executed communication strategies.

Brand Communication

Developing an authentic and mutually beneficial relationship between a brand and its target market is the key to brand communication and public relations. We develop strategies that proactively facilitate relationship opportunities and deliver quantifiable business impact.

Crisis Communication

In a world where a single tweet about a brand or company’s lapse in judgement can go viral in seconds, the integrity of the corporate message has never been more critical. We have extensive experience in dealing with crises across the full reputation spectrum and have developed specific tools, processes and products to assist individuals and organisations in preparing for and dealing with a crisis.

Stakeholder Relations

Organisations must be informed about the impact of their two-way relationships with their communities and stakeholders- particularly as this relates to improving business performance. We craft customised engagement strategies to create platforms for shared interest and value between all parties.

Investor Relations

We cultivate and manage productive relationships between listed companies and their investment communities. Our expertise allows us to contribute to annual reports, road show documentation, presentations, websites, company announcements, media training, crisis communication strategies, site visits and shareholder analysis.

Public Affairs

This is an area that is on the rise in Zimbabwe, and which will continue to grow. Public affairs combines consulting on government relations, media communications, issue management, corporate and social responsibility, information dissemination and strategic communications. In this area, common ground between government, regulatory bodies, community bodies and organisations is found.


Corporate Social Investment Strategy

We work with companies to align their business objectives with their CSI activities, helping them to understand the impact of CSI on positive social change, business goals and ultimately on their bottom line. CSI also has a massive impact on corporate reputation, which is essential to business success and sustaining public trust.

Social PR

Social PR strategy is encapsulated in the mantra ‘paid, earned, shared and owned’ (PESO) content. Our understanding of the news environment enables us to monitor conversations surrounding your brand in the fast-paced digital sphere, seed ideas, create optimized content and stimulate conversation. As the Altimeter Group puts it: “Build content around a brand, not about it.”

Content and Media Specialists

Magna Carta Zimbabwe is resourced with some of the best minds in the media industry that span the broadcast, print and digital media landscape to develop and share optimised content. We proactively monitor the media landscape for trends and opportunities for our clients.


Measurement begins with setting measurable communication objectives aligned to business performance. Magna Carta employs a range of tools to measure the impact and success of PR and communication strategies across traditional and digital media.

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