Why Ethics are Critical for Impactful PR

Why Ethics are Critical for Impactful PR

It’s become a common belief that public relations and ethics don\’t coexist. For instance, for some people, PR is synonymous with manipulation, propaganda, lying and spinning. However despite this perception, ethical PR is not only possible but critical to the practice. So, here are 3 reasons why ethics are central to great PR.


  1. Ethics are foundational for reputation management.

A strong reputation is built on trust, and trust grows where the public perceives integrity. Therefore, PR should help accurate and truthful information to flow freely. This preserves the integrity of relationships between a brand and the media, government and the public. Free-flowing information also aids informed decision-making. Above all, the public should be able to trust that that the information in brand communications is transparent, honest and credible. Ultimately, by adhering to these ethics in public relations efforts, a brand’s reputation improves.


  1. Ethical PR ensures the continuity of the profession.

Without ethics, the PR profession can\’t be sustainable. The profession would be rife with misinformation and practices that damage competitors, the public\’s trust, and relationships with brands and clients.  A fruitful, sustainable and positive PR profession needs and thrives on ethical standards. Thus PR practitioners have a responsibility to not only improve the profession\’s perception, but to increase its positive impact.


  1. Ethical PR Practitioners improve the market.

Ethical PR practitioners positively impact the market, including

  1. The competitive environment
  2. Relationships between clients and practitioners
  3. The ethical standards that the public should expect and encounter


PR professionals should uphold a healthy and fair competitive environment. They should not deliberately undermine competitors. In addition, they should respect intellectual property rights in the marketplace. The public should be able to trust that they will encounter ethical treatment from brands and their representatives. Similarly, clients must also be able to trust that PR practitioners are acting in their best interests, disclosing and avoiding conflicts of interests.

Ethical PR creates tangible positive impact with stakeholders, builds trust and strengthens relationships. This means that ethics create a strong, vibrant and robust market.



Stephanie Taderera is a Content Executive at Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants. To learn more about how we can help your brand’s reputation, contact us today.

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