A hybrid work system will remain the norm for organizations and enterprises of different sizes. With many fears and uncertainties surrounding this flexible way of working, a constructive company culture is important now more than ever. Manifestation of a company culture guides the organizational communication processes and vice versa. It is also of vital importance to the organization’s success, revenue, growth, and total income. It may seem difficult to live your culture when you don’t live in your culture but it can be done successfully. Below are a few tips to help you cultivate a company culture in a hybrid work environment.

A healthy work culture aligns employee behaviours and company policy with the organization’s goals, values and mission, while ensuring the wellbeing of its employees. Workplace culture is a mix of beliefs, behaviours, and attitudes that make up the familiar atmosphere in a work environment. Ensure everyone in the organization is well aware of the company goals and values. It is easier to work towards achieving a goal you understand and a shared work purpose gives meaning to your team’s efforts.

Secondly introduce the use of paperless, digital automation tools in the day-to-day interaction of your team. Digital tools will help in keeping everyone up to date regardless of not being in the same place at the same time. A touchless system, provides the much-needed control your team needs with little to no hiccups. For instance, make use of online working systems such as Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint where a number of people can work on the same project at the same time.

Relationships are usually hard to build and maintain in a hybrid environment, therefore it is important to introduce social events that give employees a chance to bond and strengthen relationships in the workplace. These events can be both virtual and physical. Strong co-worker relationships increase collaboration, productivity and job satisfaction. Host fun-filled team-building events, your team members would enjoy attending, these can also include volunteer activities they can carry out during work hours. A survey can also help you know the kind of events your employees would be interested in.

Transparency and accountability help improve work culture as well as employee engagement. Employees feel valued and become more loyal to the organization when they have more visibility into the business and its operations. Make use of digital workflows which allow the team to see project progress and impediments. A two-way communication network between employees and leaders so that they can all freely share feedback on company updates and news. Also ensure you actively offer teams what they need to thrive in a hybrid environment, this can get rid of unnecessary employee frustrations while saving time and improving productivity.

Intentionality and effort will always be important in cultivating a positive work culture. It is possible to have a strong company culture in a hybrid work model system. Remember, building a high-performance team, relays on the company culture you make.

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