Corporate Communication

Reputation is hard-earned and easily lost. Thanks to social media activism and the 24/7 global news cycle, today’s organisations require insightful strategic counsel to make informed decisions about their reputations. We bring extensive experience with some of the top local and global organisations, to craft measured, transparent and well executed communication strategies.

Brand Communication

Developing an authentic and mutually beneficial relationship between a brand and its target market is the key to brand communication and public relations. We develop strategies that proactively facilitate relationship opportunities and deliver quantifiable business impact.

Crisis Communication

In a world where a single tweet about a brand or company’s lapse in judgement can go viral in seconds, the integrity of the corporate message has never been more critical. We have extensive experience in dealing with crises across the full reputation spectrum and have developed specific tools, processes and products to assist individuals and organisations in preparing for and dealing with a crisis.

Telling brand stories that make a valuable impact.

We deliver full reputation management solutions to organisations and individuals in Zimbabwe.

We are best in the field

We are a Reputation Management Consultancy aimed at establishing and developing Zimbabwean Brands for the Global Industry.

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