We start every assignment by asking: How can we reach the hearts and minds of employees?

We must reach the hearts and minds of employees to bring them along the journey with an equal mix of art and science. The science consists of the processes, tools and behaviour analytics to reach the right person with the right experience at the right time. The art is the storytelling and culture shaping expertise that accelerates and amplifies that journey and makes it stick. Together, they create a compelling experience that shifts mindsets and behaviours to drive long-term impact.

Our work shapes three critical elements of the employee experience:

  1. Culture: Activating new ways of working to support the organization’s core purpose
  2. Change: Leading the organization through the upheaval and uncertainty of transformation
  3. Communications: Engaging and connecting employees in a modern, employee-centric way

Telling brand stories that make a valuable impact.

We deliver full reputation management solutions to organisations and individuals in Zimbabwe.

We are best in the field

We are a Reputation Management Consultancy aimed at establishing and developing Zimbabwean Brands for the Global Industry.

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