Our approach to media relations combines experience with a much more data  based understanding of the audience. Through a combination of research and relationships we understand what platforms and channels people use,  why and how audiences are changing habits and the exact content needs .

Allowing us to develop meaningful assets that support brand storytelling and make them shareable. Additionally, our hands on approach fosters building of  relationships with the media houses which is beneficial for brands visibility.

Our specialised media training solutions for business leaders and
spokespeople are designed to meet the demands of the traditional and
social media landscape, equipping them with the skills to control their
corporate messaging and effectively position themselves and their

Magna Carta Zimbabwe provides 24/7 monitoring of crisis coverage, enabling us to proactively respond to any opportunities or negative publicity surrounding your brand locally and on the continent. Social media is an important part of any PR strategy or campaign, and we help you build and grow your social media presence on relevant channels, with optimised content that will help you achieve your objectives

Telling brand stories that make a valuable impact.

We deliver full reputation management solutions to organisations and individuals in Zimbabwe.

We are best in the field

We are a Reputation Management Consultancy aimed at establishing and developing Zimbabwean Brands for the Global Industry.

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Corporate Communications

Online & Social Media Strategy

Corporate Social Initiatives.